2003-2009 Osteopathy, College Sutherland, Amsterdam
1997-2002 Physiotherapy, Fontys Hogeschool Eindoven

Work experience:
2009-present Vitel Osteopathy, Eindhoven
2008-2009 Osteopathy, Intergraal Medical Center, Amsterdam
2002-2009 Physiotherapy and medical training therapy, Physiotherapy Den Hertog, Valkenswaard
2002-2003 Rehabilitation Center Tolbrug, 's-Hertogenbosch

Osteopathy and subfertility in women

Further development and courses.
Women's Health Course, Molinari Institute for health, UK
Dissection, abdomen and lesser pelvis (pelvic organs), Faculty of Medicine Nice, France
Biodynamics of Osteopathy phase 1-9, Christian Sullivan, Sweden and France
Perinatal psychology and its influence on the body of the growing child, Terence Dowling D.O.
Embryology: Man as embryo - The embryo in man, Jaap van der Wal
Philosophy of and for osteopathy, Kurt Pattyn
Embryology Meets Osteopathy Conference, Dr. Brian Freeman PhD, UK
Osteopathic Care of the Living Human Pelvis from an Embryologic Perspective, Dr. ir. Donald Hankinson D.O., UK
The Embryo And The Health, Prof. dr. Dr. Gasser & Dr. J. Jealous, Germany
Timeless teachings of A. T. Still, John Lewis D.O.
Osteopathic (r)-evolution, Cristian Raab
Movement Meditation - Embodied Embryology, Fluid, Form and Function, Clare Ballard D.O., UK
Dissection, lower extremity, University of Heidelberg, Germany


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