Subsidy & Tariff

Vitel Osteopathy has a new location!

Vitel Osteopathy is located at Breitnerstraat 2G, 5611 TV Eindhoven. Phone: 06-45193526.
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For an overview of the subsidies for Osteopathy in 2018 you can look at subsidies or contact your insurance.

Osteopathy Intake (60-75 min.) € 95,
Osteopathy Consultation (45-60 min.) € 95,
Short consultation Osteopathy (30 min.) € 50, (only to be indicated by your treating osteopath)
New rate per 01-03-2018.

Free consultation hour

Every first Thursday of the month there is a free consultation hour from 18:00 to 19:00. By appointment only. You can telephone 06-45193526 for this.
You can also send an e-mail to
If you cannot take part in the consultation hour, you can also call or e-mail for an alternate appointment.

The General Conditions of Osteopathy are applicable.

Of course we do everything we can to treat and supervise you with your complaint as carefully as possible, but if necessary you can go to for more information about complaints and disputes.


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