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My name is Jenny Levitt-Sanders, born on January 18, 1980 in Hamburg Germany. I lived there for 6 years, after which I went back with my family to our 'roots' in England. A year later it was time for a new challenge and at the age of 7 we moved to the Netherlands. We liked it so much that we stayed.
Since 2010 I am happily married and together with my husband I share a passion for osteopathy. His two lovely daughters can be found with us regularly. We also have our 2 Boxer dogs Meg and Lexy.

I was very active in sports in my youth and spent many years swimming and playing tennis. At the moment I enjoy swimming, running and yoga.

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by health and the human body. After my secondary education I started studying physiotherapy. I soon realized that physiotherapy offered me insufficient depth in finding out the cause of the complaints. After I had gained experience in a rehabilitation center and various private practices, I decided to study Osteopathy. I followed a 6 year course in Amsterdam at College Sutherland. At the end of this training I had the privilege of treating patients together with the very experienced therapists of the Integral Medical Center in Amsterdam for a year. That was a very special and valuable experience.

In my treatment I find it especially important that people can be themselves. The patient must feel comfortable. Everyone has their own story. In that story there is a lot of information about who someone is, how someone works, what someone finds important and what the needs of this unique person are. The practice is designed to create a quiet and homely atmosphere. This also contributes to the well-being of the clients.

Life is wonderful. Our body has all the information we need to be/remain healthy. In any case, our body will ensure that we continue to function as well as possible under the circumstances. Our body, our psyche and soul want to make something clear to us. They always know how to surprise us with their possibilities for growth and recovery. It is up to us to find out what our body wants and needs.

"Listen to the whisper of the body, so it does not have to scream. "


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Who am I?

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